Friday, December 09, 2005


Dear Madam/Sir,
I am pleased to inform you that our blog has no potentially questionable content.
It is dedicated to French resistant and author Jacques Bergier, who was awarded “Prix Europa Literature” for the totality of the works he authored.
The novel titled "End of a race" is authored by Mr d'Estienne d'Orves. The Assosciation of the Friends of Jacques Bergier waraded this book because it is held during the Second World War, and reminds Bergier's personal experience. Hence it mentions the word ‘nazi’ and ‘nazism’ various times. Mr Jacques Bergier was captured as a resistant in Lyon (France), tortured and sent to the concentration camp of Mathausen where he spent 19 months, and from there he participated in various resistance activities to help the Allied Forces including the destruction of the V2 making.
As witnessed by Field Marshal Montgomery, Commander in Chief of the U.S. 21th Army Group on the Certificate of Service delivered to Mr Jacques Bergier on 6th May 1946, Serial Number F/0073, which mentions:
“By this Certificate of Service, I record my appreciation of the aid rendered by Jacques Bergier as a volunteer in the service of the United Nations for the great cause of Freedom.”
Please see its reproduction on

Needless to say that we are not at all on the side of our ennemies!
Yours, sincerely
Patrick Clot
President, association of the Friends of Jacques Bergier